Medical tourism Tskaltubo program 15 Days


A therapeutic health program in Tskaltubo :

During our medical tourism Tskaltubo program, you can enjoy the services provided by our company, which includes the hotels, logistical support, cars, communication with all specialists and coordination with them for physiotherapy .

Besides that, you can make additional sessions for all types of natural cosmetics and skin care for both genders, at hands of experts specialized in this field.

In the case of one person :

Price per person: 1290 USD


Second: “The price in the case of the presence of at least two people :

( price per person on double room 730 $)

Itinerary of Medical tourism Tskaltubo program :

Tbilisi – Tskaltubo “Kutaisi” – Luchkhumi Reserve – Gori – Tbilisi

What is included in the medical tskaltubo program :

  • Transfers / airport pick-up and return.
  • Transfer to spa resort from tbilisi to Tskhaltubo and the return
  • First day: Arrival to Tbilisi / according to flight arrival
  • Arrival to Tbilisi airport, and transfer to the hotel
  • Reservation and communication with all specialists and coordination with them for physiotherapy
  • International breakfast according to the program.
  • Our valued customers are given Georgian phone cards upon arrival.
  • Hotel: Tbilisi 4 **** + “Tskaltubo” upscale hotel rooms inside the spa resort level 4 **** 

Expenses not including in the trip “Medical tourism Tskaltubo program” :

  • The trip doesn’t include lunch and dinner for the duration of your stay in the resort in Tskaltubo .
  • Phone charging and other services in hotels
  • All internal transportation inside the cities is not includes, but the company can arrange it daily for our costumers For a nominal amount
  • Tourist entry tickets
  • Aviation
  • Excursions throughout the period of stay in the Kutaisi area, to see all the sights of the city
  • Meals and treatment is not included in ” Medical Tourism Tskaltubo Program” .
  • Also, on the other hand, To clarify,  All that is related to beauty or not stipulated in the appendix can our valued customers request it from the spa and be outside the price of the program.

Day 1: Arrival Tbilisi 

Firstly, arrival at tbilisi airport/registration at hotel

Day 2: Tbilisi city tour

After breakfast we take a tour to visit the dry bridge area.

To clarify more, this is An open air market, where you can find all kinds of old Georgian employees, a market for old collectibles.

Further, visiting Abanotubani (sulfur baths area,also we can take some sessions of treatment inside this places). The Corridors, which built on the natural hot sulfur springs in the seventeenth to nineteenth.

Until a cable car ride to get to Narikala Castle – the old castle, which was the main castle in the city, to the giant Samiba Church, to the Botanical Garden and Freedom Square ……

Then head to Mtskheta, one of the oldest cities in Georgia.

Visit to the Guevari Monastery, where you can see a picturesque panorama from the city of Mtskheta and meet the Arajvi and Kura rivers.

In addition, if you want to see all the sights of the city, you can start from the lakes.

Driving in the city center. To visit all the sites on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Overnight in Tbilisi

Third day to twelfth day: (Tskaltubo) “9 nights / 10 days in Tskaltubo”, healthy tourism with excursions in the Kutaisi and Martvili region

Departure to Tskaltubo, spa in western central Georgia.

Firstly, we must mention that Tskaltubo is famous for its “Radon Carbonate” mineral springs.

The natural temperature of the springs is 33-35 degrees Celsius.

In addition, Tskaltubo was the famous spa treatment during the Soviet era .

Also, we mention that it was the resort that cured the Egyptian President “Abd El Nasser” from side effects of diabetes, blockage of the veins of the limbs and heart disease.

On the other hand, As it was the spa of all the leaders of the Soviet Union the previous.

The resort focuses on spa therapy for circulatory diseases, nervous and muscular system, skeletal, gynecological and skin diseases

A detailed description of the benefits of medical Tskaltubo Resort :

1- (disorders of the musculoskeletal system) :

Radon baths reduce inflammation and pain and increase the ability to move affected joints

2 – Diseases of cardiovascular system

Radon therapy improves the oxygen and blood supply to the heart muscle.

In other words, it Improves arterial blood pressure and is therefore effective for treating impotence, stressful situations and stimulates blood circulation and pulse.

Radon water has the advantage of fighting future arrhythmias

3 – Nerve system disorders

Without any doubt, Radon therapy has the advantage of reducing pain.

Surely, It greatly improves the recovery process of nerve infections, and speeds up the process of regeneration of nervous tissue.

Also, Radon has an explicit sedative effect on the central nervous system of the human body, and has a direct effect on improving sexual performance.

4 – Vagina disease

Gynecological disorders – sterility

Radon therapy improves pelvic blood circulation and reduces skin sensitivity during vaginal disorders.

It has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, and also menstruation and reproductive activity and improves hormonal ovarian function.

Radon positively affects the uterus and menopause, and prevents pelvic infections.

In addition, Radon prevents muscle swelling greater than 12 weeks gestation size. And positively affects the general condition of the patient

5 – Urologic disorders

Radon and anti-inflammatory, analgesic, bacteriostatic (that is, preventing more bacteria from occurring).

Certainly, the advantage of treating urinary tract disorders. It reduces uric acid in the blood.

6 – Gastrointestinal disorders

Drinking radon water stimulates the regeneration of the gastric mucosa, and accelerates healing of the stomach and duodenal ulcers quickly.

Radon water, in its nature, treats the acid of the gastric juice naturally.

7 – Other benefits of Radon water of our medical tourism tskaltubo program

Radon helps redistribute protein, carbohydrates, minerals, water, cholesterol, and metabolism in the body

Note about Tskaltubo program :

The Therapeutic Center has a wide reputation for natural skin care, massages and cosmetic sessions for the face and skin at the hands of specialists in this field.


Day 12: Kutaisi – Tbilisi

Breakfast and exit from the hotel and head to Tbilisi

A visit before returning to Tbilisi: for the historic town of Gori.

Moreover, you can visit to the Stalin Museum, and the “Castle of the Lord” near the city of Gori.

The castle was built in the rock in the sixth century BC.

In addition the largest building called “Tamaris Derbazi” is a large hall with huge stone pillars, you should visit

Overnight Tbilisi after dinner at the hotel

Day 13: Tbilisi

Firstly, wake up early for not losing your last beautiful moments at the end of the trip.

Breakfast at the hotel in Tbilisi

Go ahead, doing shopping in one of the most famous and most important shopping malls in Georgia.

In the same vein, you will have amazing moments to learn about the Georgian and international products.

Also, don’t miss enjoy buying the most famous international brands at attractive prices

The possibility of staying up late in the evening, wandering, boat rides in the Mtkwari River, and wandering in the old town at night, dinner and overnight at the hotel

Day 14: Tbilisi

Firstly, visit one of the most beautiful lakes in Georgia in the highest mountains, and the possibility of lunch there.

Then head to the famous Mtatsminda park on the top of the mountain.

Consequently, you can enjoy the games and see a panorama of the mountains .

Also, you can see the surrounding mountains with the use of a ramp train and the possibility of seeing Georgian folklore with evening dinner.

Day 15: Departure

Breakfast at the hotel. After breakfast .

Then check out from the hotel.

At the end, Transfer to Tbilisi airport for the protection and safety of God.

Medical tourism Tskaltubo program in Georgia Caucasus