Ecotourism Georgia – Spa 8 Days

About the program of Ecotourism spa resorts in Georgia :

We recommend to you our Therapeutic program “Ecotourism Georgia” because of its mineral water treated for gastrointestinal diseases.
It supports the optimal electrical balance of the body by increasing physical exercise and sports activity.

Itinerary of  Ecotourism Georgia / Spa 8 Days :

Guria – Imereti – Racha – Borjomi – Likani

  • Duration: 7 nights / 8 days
  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Accommodation: 3*** 4****
  • Theme: Cultural tours
  • Hardness: Easy
  • Ages: Applies to all ages
  • Best season: All the year.
  • Number of pax: Starting from 2 pax (individuals / groups)
  • Transportation: Private cars and jeep depending on the location

The miracles of Georgian ecotourism

1s t dayArrival in Tbilisi

  • Arrival at Tbilisi International Airport
  • Transfer to the hotel
  • Check-in at the hotel
  • Dinner and overnight in Tbilisi

2nd dayTbilisi-Guria (309 km)

Free wakeup call

Breakfast at the hotel

– Firstly,Departure for Guria,this region is considered as one of the important regions for our Eco tourism tour.
– Guria region is famous for its mineral water Nabeglavi.
– Obviously,It’s almost similar to Borjomi in its chemical composition, although there’s a little difference in chemical composition as  well.
– Clearly,Nabeglavi water is formed at depth of 2000-3000 meters.
– Moreover,It is infiltrated water traveling through various layers of substrate and rocks absorbing specific combination of minerals and trace elements.
– Without a doubt,Therapists and nutritionists all over the world strongly recommend this water for people with different states of health.
– Especially, this beneficial water Nabeglavi is for those who suffer from metabolic disorders such as “Diabetes Mellitus” and obesity.
– Definitely,It is also very helpful for treatment of chronic diseases of the stomach and intestines in particular for “Gastritis”, “Chronic colitis” and “Enterocolitis”.
– for all this reasons , last but not least,we honored to include the water of nabeglavi in our vacation package.


  • Depart for Imereti, Kutaisi
  • During that, free time in Kutaisi, Visit Bagrati cathedral on the hill overlooking the ancient city and Gelati monastic complex.
  • Finally,Dinner and overnight in Kutaisi

3rd dayKutaisi-Tskaltubo-Sairme “Biggest spa resorts in Georgia” :

  • Wakeup
  • Breakfast

Depart for Tskaltubo, a spa resort in west- central Georgia.

  • Firstly,Tskaltubo is famous for its radon-carbonate mineral springs.
  • Natural temperature of the springs is 33-35°C.
  • It should be noted that, The resort is famous for treatement of side effects for some chronical deseases such as :
    – “Balneotherapy” for nervous system.
    – “Musculo-skeletal”.
    – “Gynecological” and skin diseases.
    – not only all are mentioned above but also,”Speleotherapy” since the 1970s .
  • Lunch
  • Secondly,after lunch,we begin to move towards Sairme.
  • Also,Sairme is another resort near Kutaisi, capital city of Imereti province.
  • Unquestionably,the location of Sairme is amazing,it’s located at an elevation of 915-950 m above sea level and is surrounded by pine forest .
  • Furthermore, it plays a great role by its climate.
  • In addition, the Resort’s history return to 100 years. especially It is famous for its mineral waters.
  • Finally,Dinner and overnight in Sairme.

4th day: Amagleba-Vani

  • Wakeup
  • Breakfast
  • Firstly,On the road to Vani ,we can visit Amagleba resort located on the left bank of the river Rioni.
  • Also,it should be noted that ,the temperature of Thermal mineral springs is more than 40c.
  • subsequently,These mineral waters can be used particularly to cure the illnesses such as chronic arthritis, infectious thematic etc.
  • Finally , Departure for another resort in this region,called “Sulori”.
  • Sulori is located 9 km from the center of Vani district.
  • Furthermore,Its mineral waters are remedy for nervous system.
  • Importantly,it should be noted,also, that Natural temperature is not more than 38 C in winter and summer.
  • Besides,Diseases cured by Sulori mineral waters are “arches heart shortage hypertonic” the defect of nerve system, “gynecological” etc.
  • Secondly ,we take Lunch in Vani in the middle of the day.
  • Visit archeological museum and the ruins of antique city
  • Finally,Dinner and overnight in Vani

5th day: Racha-Shovi

  • Wakeup
  • Breakfast
  • First of the day,we go to visit Racha, which is the most picturesque region in Georgia.
  • Subsequently, visit the famous balneal resort of Shovi located at an elevation of 1620 meters from sea level.
  • Also, It should be noted that the winters are cold and the summers are moderately warm in Shovi, average temperature in August 16 ° The air is extraordinarily fresh and clear.
  • Lunch
  • Free time in Shovi
  • Finally,Dinner and overnight in Shovi

6th day: Borjomi “Ecotourism resort” 

  • Wakeup
  • Breakfast
  • Firstly,we begin our day by visiting Nikortsminda Church in Racha. It is a peak of Georgian medieval orthodox architecture.
  • Secondly,Depart for Borjomi from Racha. Visit Borjomi-Kharagauli national park, which is a protected area in central Georgia and one of the largest national parks in Europe.
  • In addition,the park has rapidly developing tourist infrastructure.
  • Furthermore,the park combines mineral water springs and entertainment facilities.
  • For that, Borjomi mineral water’s composition of micro- and macroelements is useful by diabetes mellitus, articulations and conjunctive tissues diseases.
  • The water was also used from the earliest times by chronic gastritis, Ulcer of stomach and chronic diseases of bile and liver passages.
  • Importantly and without a doubt, Borjomi mineral water is highly recommended for:
  • GIT diseases .
  • Also,we recommend it to support optimal body electrolyte balance by increased physical exercises and sports activity.
  • In addition to this there is a swimming pool in Borjomi-Kharagauli national park where drinking water people use it for swimming. everybody can dip for free
  • Lunch
  • Free time in Borjomi
  • Finally,Dinner and overnight in Borjomi (Family hotel)

7th day: Likani “Mineral water in Georgia”

  • Wakeup
  • Breakfast
  • Firstly of our day,take the road via Likani, which is a nearby resort adjacent to the Borjomi-Kharagauli National park.
  • Moreover,It is a popular mountain spa. Likani Park is a recreational zone dominated by oaks and conifer groves.
  • Also,Likani mineral springs are similar in composition to “Borjomi”.
  • But although, its most distinctive feature is a suibtle combination of hydrocarbons, magnesium and calcium. Carbon dioxide content contributes to Likani’s uniquely subtle soft taste.
  • Absolutely, Likani is ideal for vitality and energy uplift, quenching thirst, cooling off and lifting its spirits.

-Essential visits on Ecotourism Georgia :

  • Mtsvane monastery dating back to 9the century AD
  • Romanov palace built at the end of XIX century.
  • Enjoy free time and forest picnic and nature walk
  • Lunch in Nature
  • Free time in Likani
  • Back to Borjomi
  • Finally,Dinner and overnight in Borjomi

8th day: Departure

  • Wakeup
  • breakfast
  • Depart for Tbilisi
  • Transfer to Tbilisi international airport

Package of  Ecotourism Georgia / Spa 8 Days” includes:

  • Hotels accommodation.
  • Transfer Airport/Hotel/Airport.
  • Transportation according to the program
  • Lunch and Picnic.
  • Dinner at the hotel or at a local restaurant depending on the location.
  • Breakfast is included in Hotel service.
  • Vehicles equipped for mountain areas.

Package Ecotourism Georgia does not include :

  • International flights
  • Any extra or personal expenses
  • Tips
  • Beverages

Traveler’s profile:

This program Ecotourism Georgia / Spa 8 Days :  we designed it to be easy and varied to suit all tastes and ages.

  • Senior travelers
  • Junior
  • Honeymooners
  • Families
  • Couples
  • Groups
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