Borjomi balneological health resort 12 Days

“Be Healthy Be Happy”12 Days “The comprehensive program”  :

Hotel 4**** in Borjomi “For more info about,Borjomi Palace Hotel,click here with breakfast, treatment in Borjomi balneological health resort,guide and all transfers with tours,are fully included

  • Arrival to Tbilisi and direct transfer to Borjomi / according to the arrival of the flight

  • Firstly start the medical tests according to the arrival,and the registration at the hotel.

  • From The second day to the twelfth day : Borjomi balneological health resort tour and its advantages + tours for the most important cutural and natural places around the region

  Health benefits of Borjomi mineral water :

  • Gastrointestinal diseases: indigestion, constipation, liver disease, inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestine,also increased acidity of the stomach, flatulence in the intestine, and the first period of paroxysmal cirrhosis in the liver
  • Respiratory system diseases: bronchitis, with wet and dry sinuses during resorption, laryngitis, prolonged pneumonia
  • Kidney and urinary tract infections: cystitis, chronic urinary tract infection, receding, with salts and stones
  • Additionally, nervous system diseases: nervous breakdown, neurasthenia.
  • Meals treatment and all transfers,are fully included
  • With your General treatment included ,here’s some Extra list of procedures :

    1. Hydrogen therapy – 7 procedures
    2. Singletary oxygen therapy – 10 procedures
    3.Imersial Capsule – 5 Procedures
    4. Ozonotherapy “Combinizon” – 5 procedures
    5. Microwave with Phage-5 Procedure
    6. Test for Helicobacter pylori First day:

Main touristic visits of the program

Abastumani Astronomical Observatory:



  • On the other hand “The National Observatory of Astrophysics” in Georgia (GENAO) was founded by academician “Eugene Kharradzi” in 1932.
  • In addition, the Georgian government renamed it after independence to become the “Abastumani Astronomical Observatory ” of Physics.
  • “The Abastumani Observatory” is located in the southeastern part of Georgia on Mount “Canopeli”, near the town of Samtskhe-Javakheti.
  • Mount “Canopyeli” is 1650-1700 meters above sea level.
  • The observatory is 250 km from Tbilisi.
    For sure it’s one of the most important factors that makes this observatory one of the most important observatories in the world, is that it is far from air pollution with the presence of night sky lighting and mountainous landscapes.
  • Also, it should be noted,that we can see the amazing coverage of pine trees without the presence of sudden climate changes and stability of the atmosphere.
  • This is what makes this wonderful visit consistent with Our program for being healthy and accompanying you in an immense atmosphere of serenity with these excellent natural conditions.

Rabati Castle :

  • Visit the Rabati Castle .
  • Without a doubt, it’s Unique place similar to Jerusalem in its composition between the Turkish Islamic style and the Christian style at the same time.
  • In addition of that,visit the castle and enjoy the open museum there and visit the Ahmadiyya Mosque.
  • Visit Borjomi park one of the most sought-after health resorts in Asia, and also one of the largest resorts in Eastern Europe
  • Moreover,we can see the most beautiful park with pine trees, and cable car ride in a charming atmosphere of the unique nature.

Borjomi,Likani Gardens, and Bakuriani :

  • Also,beside Borjomi balneological health resort, you can see a water gondola from Borjomi Gardens.
  • Visit Likani region
  • Bakuriani area ,it’s winter and summer resort alike.
  • At the same time,enjoy the vision from the highest summit to see the city and vegetation alike.

           Finally,Transfer to Tbilisi International Airport for departure, in the safety of God.

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