Kvareli is a town located in Kakheti province, Georgia. The area is the center of wine-producing in Kakheti region and is known for its Kindzmarauli wine, which is a semisweet red variety.

Located in the Alazani valley, near the Greater Caucasus Mountains, it was the birthplace of Illia Chavchavadze, a Georgian poet, writer, publicist, lawyer and journalist. As a writer and public figure, he directed his efforts toward awakening national ideals in Georgians and that’s why he is widely regarded as one of the founding fathers of modern Georgia. He was canonized as Saint Illia the Righteous by the Georgian Orthodox church. His fortified house is preserved as a local museum. There is also Illia Chavchavadze hill in Kvareli.

There are numerous churches and monasteries in Kvareli. The oldest one, Nekresi monastery, dates back to 4th cent. A. D.  Its history is connected with one of the Syrian ascetics, Abibus of Nekresi. Abibus was consecrated bishop of Nekresi at the request of Parsman VI, king of kartli and Catholicos Evlavios. Bishop Abibus converted many pagans to the Christian faith.

Three out of these numerous churches date back to V-VI cent. They are: Blessed Virgin Mary birth church, Tsminda Giorgi(St. George) church and Agdgomis(Easter) church .

Gremi is also one of the important churches, a 16th– century architectural monument, royal citadel and the church of archangel located in Kvareli. Gremi was one of the most flourishing towns in Kakheti region and the capital of the kingdom of Kakheti in the 16-17th cent. The complex of church is what has survived from the town of Gremi.

Kvareli Lake Resort is one of the attractive places for tourists  in Kvareli. It has been upgraded recently and developed into a modern-day standard resort. The forest surrounding the resort, the lake with two small rivers flowing into it, Alazani valley and beautiful view of the Great Caucasus Mountains make Kvareli Lake Resort a unique place to stay.