Strengthen your immunity / Ureki
Strengthen your immunity Ureki

Strengthen your immunity / Ureki

The magic black sands in Adjara / Georgia – Miracle Therapy Ureki Beach Georgia :

In this article we will tell you how the Black Sea resort of Ureki can strengthen your immunity system, because Ureki Beach is a true therapeutic miracle, this Black Sea resort is a great place for people suffering from lungs, rickets and cardiovascular diseases. Doctors say Ureki’s magnetic sands are also an effective drug for the nervous and nervous systems

The effect of Ureki sands on the human body

  • Ureki magnetic sand has a positive effect on the human body and can cure many diseases.
  • It is also a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory.
  • In addition, magnetic sand speeds up biological processes and strengthens immunity.
  • Ureki Beach is ideal for families with children, as the sea is not deep There.
  • The Black Sea resort dates back more than 100 years, although it has been officially present since 1971.
  • There is a humid subtropical climate – the average annual temperature is 14.3 ° C.

Ureki Sand Healing Features

Natural Magnet Therapy – Why You Should Relax in Ureki?

  • The advantages of healing Ureki water tourism
  • The magnetic sands of the Black Sea coast are a true natural miracle
  • It has been known since the nineteenth century.
  • Of course, the healing and other unique characteristics of this sand were tested by the locals.
  • Thanks to sand, treatment of various chronic diseases is of great importance to paramedics, researchers and individual research institutions.

The basis of magnetic sand is:

  • Magnetite (the same magnetic iron), titanometite, ilmenite, peroxine, granite, quartz, apatite and other minerals.
  • The magnetic fracture in the sand reaches 23%, while the iron content ranges between 37-47%.
  • The magnetic absorption of sand is 13-25 times higher than normal.
  • All this creates a low-density magnetic field, and I have discovered the healing properties of that shore since the time of antiquity.
  • Ureki is a unique resort in Georgia that is unique due to its low density natural magnetic field.
  • Natural wealth – subtropical climate, sea, sun, and unique magnetic sands – create the best holiday conditions to recover.
  • The complex scientific research conducted by the Georgian Institute of Physiotherapy and Resort Research, as well as the Georgian Institute of Pediatrics and Geophysics, have demonstrated the high therapeutic efficacy of magnetic sands in the following diseases:
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system (stage I and II of hypertension, chronic ischemic heart disease, post-infarction hardening of the heart, myocardial atrophy, etc.)
  • Locomotive system diseases (rheumatoid arthritis in chronic stage, osteoporosis), post-traumatic rehabilitation.
  • Nervous system diseases (depression, hypertonic neurosis, peak neurosis, nerve pain, etc.).
  • the black magnetic sands Strengthen your immunity in Ureki beach.
  • Children’s diseases (rickets, partial paralysis, mother trauma, etc.); it is a good idea to use natural healing agents to treat childhood diseases.
  • Urinary tract diseases that cause infertility.
  • Magnet therapy is also important in peripheral vascular disease.

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