Batumi Caucasus tour 5 days

Batumi Pearl of the Caucasus trip :

For Batumi Caucasus tour this cosmopolitan city is a group of tours in Batumi, Kutaisi and Borjomi Resort, combining nature, recreation and adventure.

itinerary of Batumi Caucasus tour:

Tbilisi – Kutaisi – Batumi – Borjomi – Tbilisi

Duration of the trip: 5 days / 4 nights

The Batumi Caucasus tour excursion includes:

Tours – Hotels – Breakfast at the hotels – specialized tourist guides – juices and water during the tours

Minimum reservation is 2 persons .

The reservation price through our website starts from (490 USD).

In the event of an increase due to the number the difference is returned according to the following price table:

the prices of Batumi Caucasus tour :

  • 2 people “The price per person in a double room is $ 490”
  • 3 people “per person in a double room” 440 dollars + “per person in a single room” $ 460
  • 4 people “Per person in a double room” $ 370

Batumi Pearl Caucasus trip details

Visits and the itinerary

First day: (from Tbilisi to Kutaisi) – arrival at noon

(Check out from the hotel at 8:30 AM)

Breakfast and exit from the hotel where clients live and head to the highway to visit the city of Kutaisi.

Kutaisi is the old capital of Georgia (during the road we can stop to take souvenir photos and eat some drinks).

History of the city:

  • It is an ancient city with its buildings and a unique architectural style.
  • Also, It includes important visits, all of which meet in this province.
  • Kutaisi dates back to the ages of the Argonaut (thirteenth and twelfth centuries BC),
  • The city was the capital of ancient Kalshida and later in western Georgia.
  • Arrive at approximately noon – lunch and check-in at the hotel and one hour rest
  • Tour the city and its streets and see the river with wooden bridges.

Stablia cave :

  • Then move to visit the Stablia cave.
  • It dates back millions of years, and gather the structures of old dinosaurs.
  • We can walk in the mountains in safe passages and newly made bridges to see this picturesque world.
  • That combines springs with imagination and nature with caves at the same time.
  • Then he moved to Martvale, known as the Paradise of Georgia, and Rafting worked in the midst of waterfalls and the famous Martvile Canyon.
  • Martvile Canyon is one of the most amazing places that attract people from all over the world, and spend a wonderful day in the water springs in the forests.
  • Over the course of our tour in Kutaisi, we continue our tour in this wonderful region full of surprises.
  • Back to the hotel – dinner and evening in the city center – overnight in Kutaisi

Day Two: (Move to visit Batumi in the morning) Tours for all children and adults

(Move from Kutaisi 8:30 AM after breakfast at the hotel)

  • Batumi arrives at noon – check-in at the hotel – lunch at one of the city’s famous halal restaurants
  • Start to move to take our wonderful tour where the wonderful alphabet tower.
  • Also, the tower is already one of the main tourist attractions in Batumi.
  • The concept behind this alphabet conveys the uniqueness of the Georgian people.
  • with its original spirit and gives visitors a reason to remember this place where the alphabet can be seen from every part of the city .
  • And then move to another part of Batumi beautifully surrounded by the Black Sea on one side and green hills on the other side.
  • On the other hand, the cable car ride to see the sunset on Batumi Beach is very special on the other side of the city.
  • Back to the hotel – rest for an hour and then go out to see the wonderful night dolphins show in the hall.
  • The hall covered in the famous dolphinarium, which attracts the admiration of many from all over the world
  • Then enjoy sightseeing and entertainment in the city, and enjoy many recreational places such as restaurants and casinos.
  • Enjoy a beautiful view of the developed and updated city from the sea, in the famous Bolivar.
  • There you can see the statues of “Nino and Ali” and various games and bikes.
  • Dinner – then go overnight at the hotel in Batumi.

The third day: (a full day in Batumi)

Breakfast at the hotel – then move on to take a tour that includes:

Going on a trip around Batumi and the nearby lands including:
  • Batumi Botanical Garden, the Botanical Garden National Park is located between the Black Sea and the Adjara mountain range.
  • It is one of the protected areas in Georgia. The plants contain endemic plants rich in chestnut and beech trees.
  • It offers an ideal setting with a well-kept garden just behind the beach.
  • In the park there is a park facing the sea where life spreads among the trees in many cafes.
  • Lunch – then complete the excursion
  • The famous town of Makhonsetti and Tamari Bridge with its beautiful nature and famous waterfall.
  • In addition we can do rafting there in the river with inflatable boats.
  • It is also possible to take a cruise in the Black Sea aboard the yacht.
  • Back to the hotel – rest and then go at night for a great dinner.
  • Overnight at the hotel in Batumi.

Fourth day: (9:00 AM) breakfast in Batumi, then go out and move to Borjomi

  • We visit Borjomi, the Borjomi National Park, where we can taste the mineral water, which comes from the underground:
  • Then, we start moving and leaving the hotel in Batumi .
  • and then move to visit one of the most sought-after spa in Asia which is the city of Borjomi.
  • One of the largest resorts in Eastern Europe, which is famous for its healthy waters and wonderful nature.
  • Also, it is the city -Borjomi- which is famous for its picturesque nature and clean healthy atmosphere.
  • Where there is in a valley between the mountains surrounded by water springs with special features for kidney and digestive patients.
  • It was one of the most important health centers in the period of Russian rule.
  • Also, we can see the most beautiful reserves and pine trees and cable car ride in an enchanting atmosphere of unique nature.
  • Lunch and spend an enjoyable day at the picturesque Borjomi and Likani parks and gardens
  • Back to the hotel – dinner and overnight

Fifth day: (move from Borjomi to Tbilisi)

  • Check out in the morning after breakfast, complete the day in Borjomi, and visit Bakuriani resort
  • Lunch then move to the hotel in Tbilisi

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