Borjomi Travel Spa Resort
Borjomi Travel Spa Resort

Borjomi Travel – Spa Resort

Features about “Borjomi Travel” Tours :

We can assure you in our article “Borjomi Travel – Spa Resort” how Borjomi Georgia spa is probably the most popular spa in Asia and Eastern Europe, with the mineral water of Bergumy famous for its treatment effectiveness.

And you can buy borjomi in many countries of Europe and Asia.

Borjomi water is necessary for treatment of chronic diseases :

  • Also, Borjomi water is necessary for treatment of chronic diseases such as the digestive system, liver, kidneys, and bile ducts, altering substances and some cardiovascular and nervous system diseases.
  • Besides the therapeutic use procedures for this water, you can also enjoy therapeutic mud baths.
  • The land of Borjomi is magnificent, the main part of the resort is within the Central Park of Borjomi and the entertainment district.
  • The wonderful nature will bring you more peace and relaxation.
  • As for hotels, there are luxury hotels besides budget friendly hotels and hostels.
  • The wellness and spa centers are well equipped .
  • Moreover, our programs with doctors are always ready to give you the treatment you need .

Treatment indications for mineral water in our Borjomi travel program :

Gastrointestinal diseases:

Indigestion, constipation, liver disease, inflammation of the gastric mucosa, increased stomach acidity, flatulence in the intestine, and the first period of paroxysmal cirrhosis in the liver.

respiratory system diseases :

Bronchitis, with wet and dry sinuses during resorption, laryngitis, prolonged pneumonia

Kidney and urinary infections:

Cystitis, chronic urinary tract infection, receding, with salts and stones

Nervous system diseases:

Nervous breakdown, neurasthenia, epilepsy, hysteria, and neuralgia

Metabolic disease:

Obesity, loss of appetite, gout, arthritis, and diabetes

Women disease :

Resumption of emissions during periods of inflammation.

The most important visits if our valued customers allowed time during treatment:
  • Visiting Rabati Castle, and we will see a different nature and they are a unique place.
  • This unique place is similar to Jerusalem in its composition.
  • Between the Turkish Islamic style and the Christian style at the same time
  • Visit the castle and enjoy the open museum there and visit the Ahmadiyya Mosque.
  • Meanwhile, visit one of the most famous health resorts in Asia .
  • Furthermore, it’s one of the largest resorts in Eastern Europe.
  • Also we can see the most beautiful reserves and pine trees and
  • Cable car ride in a magical atmosphere of the unique nature
  • In addition, we can See a gondola of water from Borjomi Gardens .
  • Head to the Lekani area and visit its picturesque gardens
  • Bakuriani area:
  • This is a winter and summer resort alike where you can enjoy seeing the city panorama from the top and seeing the plant life alike.

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