Georgian Medical Spa Resorts
Healing with Georgia's Hot Springs for Obesity
رحلة شهر العسل

Georgian Medical Spa Resorts


The most important resorts for treatment in Georgia :

This article “Georgian Medical Spa Resorts” is unique with important information about the most important spas that specialize in medical tourism in Georgia and relaxation and curative recovery.

Georgia is without a doubt one of the most important countries that God loved by nature and water sources used in the treatment of many diseases and we will uniquely mention many of these resorts.

1 – Tskaltubo Resort

The city of Tskaltubo is a city that is considered one of the most important cities for physiotherapy and treatment in Georgia.

Tskaltubo has a history of medical tourism in the state of Georgia, and is famous for its mineral water from radon carbonate that allows to use hot water without the work of an initial heating.

Skin diseases and all the difficulties caused by diabetes with regard to poor blood circulation in the limbs, which causes difficulties in walking.

also since the seventies included treatment of pulmonary diseases where it is said that the dust-free environment in the local caves benefits diseases

And the city is located at the foot of the Caucasus Mountains in the central part of Georgia in the low lands at an altitude of one hundred meters above sea level.

Also it has a warm and mild winter and the city is nine kilometers from the city of Kutaisi.

The city provides visitors with breathtaking examples of petrified waterfalls, underground rivers, lakes, karst caves, and the temperature in the caves is always between 13 and 15 degrees Celsius.

Prometheus Cave in the Tskaltubo region is one of the most beautiful and longest caves in Georgia where visitors can see amazing halls of the trip on foot or by boat ride underground for 15 minutes

Tskaltubo, famous for treating rheumatism and arterial symptoms, is a spa in western central Georgia. Tskaltubo is famous for its “Radon Carbonate” mineral springs.

The natural temperature of the springs is 33-35 degrees Celsius, Tskaltubo was the famous spa during the Soviet era.

Behind that, it was the resort that healed the Egyptian President Abdel Nasser from side effects of diabetes, blockage of the veins of the extremities and heart disease.

as it was the spa for all the leaders of the Soviet Union the previous. The resort focuses on spa treatment for rheumatic diseases, blood circulation, nervous and muscular system, skeleton, gynecology and skin

Description of some of the therapeutic benefits of Tskaltubo Resort :

1 – Locomotive system disorders : (disorders of the musculoskeletal system, rheumatism)

Radon baths to treat inflammation and pain caused by rheumatism and increase the ability of movement of the affected joints

2 – Heart disease  – Diseases of cardiovascular system :

Radon therapy improves the oxygen and blood supply to the heart muscle, improves arterial blood pressure and is therefore effective for treating impotence, stressful situations and stimulates blood circulation and pulse; radon has the advantage of fighting future arrhythmias

3 – Nerve system disorders : (nervous system disorders)

Radon therapy has the advantage of reducing pain. It greatly improves the recovery process of nerve infections, and speeds up the process of regeneration of nervous tissue.

Radon has an explicit sedative effect on the central nervous system of the human body, and has a direct effect on improving sexual performance

4 – Vagina disease – Gynecological disorders – sterility :

Radon therapy improves pelvic blood circulation and reduces skin sensitivity during vaginal disorders.

It has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, and also menstruation and reproductive activity and improves hormonal ovarian function.

Radon positively affects the uterus and menopause, and prevents pelvic infections. Radon prevents muscle swelling greater than 12 weeks gestation size. And positively affects the general condition of the patient

5 – Urologic disorders  : (urinary tract disorders)

Radon and anti-inflammatory, analgesic, bactericidal (that is, to prevent further bacteria), and the advantage of treating urinary tract disorders. It reduces uric acid in the blood

6 – Gastrointestinal disorders : (digestive disorders)

Drinking radon water stimulates the regeneration of the gastric mucosa, and accelerates healing of the stomach and duodenal ulcers quickly. Radon water, in its nature, treats acidic gastric acid naturally

7 – Other : (other important jobs)

Radon helps distribute protein, carbohydrates, minerals, water, cholesterol, and metabolism in the body

2 – Sairme Resort

Today the resort was developed in a large way after the participation of the German company Kraft, where the famous center for physiotherapy and treatment was equipped with the latest equipment produced by this company

In our article “Georgian Medical Spa Resorts”, we must mention that the rehabilitation center is located 4 kilometers from the Sairme Resort.

In this wonderful place, visitors see natural thermal water with different properties.

Mineral water in Serum differs from mineral water Serum is from other water with a number of physical, chemical and medical properties

The spa and massage center in the resort is suitable for operating thermal baths and thermal baths with aromatic additions, as well as water baths for the upper and lower extremities, in addition to the following procedures :

Underwater massage, general therapeutic massage, relaxation and therapeutic massage, Thai massage, Bali massage, shiatsu massage, hydrotherapy, shower, circular shower, ascending shower and rehabilitation center

Obesity diseases and the resulting difficulties

In bone and muscle diseases:

Arthritis, osteoporosis, cartilage, walking difficulties, muscle failure

If you suffer from stomach problems and some internal diseases :

Kidney stones, excess salts, gastritis, liver, gallbladder inflammation, colitis

Gynecological diseases

In urinary tract problems: cystitis, prostatitis, impotence.

It also has an atmosphere that is suitable for patients with crises, asthma and bronchitis


3 – balneological center in Tbilisi

It is an ancient center considered highly experienced in Georgia Caucasus that It is necessary to mention it in our article “Georgian Medical Spa Resorts”

Sulfur water bath :

Sulfur baths have a unique property to produce sulfides from mineral water that penetrates deep into the skin and enriches cell structure

Sulfur baths are recommended mainly for the following diseases :


Substitution of materials


Skin diseases (especially psoriasis)


Another feature : sulfur baths

With the effect of analgesic action

To improve the state of the bone joint system

To treat endocrine disease

For the treatment of diseases of the peripheral nervous system

To treat female diseases

Also: For any patient with other risk factors for osteoporosis

Massage and water sessions have a positive effect on the muscles, movement and walking

Chronic kidney and liver disease

Repeated fractures

Osteoporosis and osteoporosis

Harmful addictions:

tobacco use, excessive consumption of alcohol and caffeine, etc.

Mud wrapping:

where complete mud filling sessions have a positive effect on the body and nerves

Bone, joint and nerve diseases

Recommended for weight control

The best way to treat gout

volcanic mud is recommended in the spa in Tbilisi because it is  :

In cosmetology

Gynecology and urology


In diseases of the peripheral nervous system

In some skin diseases

Underwater massage

Promotes and improves blood circulation in the body

Body tones, reduces body weight, and promotes body correction

It has anti-cellulite action

Recommended for fractures and postoperative rehabilitation

Sulfur mineral water is recommended to treat cardiovascular, nervous, skin, cardiovascular, gynecological, and urinary diseases. Duration of the procedure – 15-20 minutes

Shower in treatment centers  :

It is a procedure for a unique, effective method that is carefully followed for the following effects :

To improve brain and spine performance

Regulates the cardiovascular system

To enhance immunity in the body

For improving  the central nervous system

To regulate metabolism

This procedure is recommended to reduce excess anxiety on the muscular and nervous system, as it combats the following effects :

Relaxing muscles

Cellulite on the body

Excess weight (obesity) accumulation of toxins

Revitalizes muscle action and relieves chronic fatigue

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