Holiday 3 Days Samegrelo – Martvili

Holidays Tour 3 Days :

Holiday Martvili ,which is a place of great historical importance.

Before we move towards Samegrelo region, our travel agency advise you in your holiday to visit Martvili Canyon.

Furthermore, you can lent a boat for maximum 4 persons  for the unforgettable journey in the canyon.

Itinerary :Tbilisi -Martvili-Senaki-Zugdidi-Tbilisi

( Tbilisi-Zugdidi 361 km )


Duration : 2 nights / 3 days

Meals : Breakfast

Accommodation : 3*** 4****

Theme : Cultural tours

Hardness : Easy

Ages : All ages

Best season : every season of the year.

Number of pax : Starting from 2 pax (individuals / groups)

Transportation : Private car


Day 1 Martvili (Martvili canyon/Martvili Monastery/Lebarde (resort)/Fortresses of Tamakoni and Abedati)

  • Breakfast
  • Firstly,you can begin your holiday tour by Departure for a town called “Martvili”
  • Martvili” located in Samegrelo region, in western part of Georgia.
  • There are a lot of sightseeing places in Martvili .
  • Among them are:

Martvili Canyon:

-Also,It is worth mentioning, Archeological researches conducted there revealed the remains of pre-historic humans and animals among them,such as bones of bear and bison.
-According to this “Gachedili” ,the world regarded to it as the third discovery .
-Also,Martvili canyon has lots of waterfalls and sky blue water.
– Additionally, you can lent a boat for maximum 4 persons  for the unforgettable journey in the canyon.
– there is a nice environment for a picnic among the trees.
  • Secondly ,after Martvili Canyon you can continue your holiday by visiting Martvili monastery from the early middle Ages situating in the center of the town.


  • First at all,it is a local resort situating in Martvili at an elevation of 1600 meters above sea level.
  • Also,It is a climatic-balneological resort with mild winter and cool summer.
  • In addition of that,after the resort you can visit “Abedati” and “Tamakoni” fortresses, from about XVI_XVII centuries.
  • Finally,dinner and overnight in Martvili .

Day 2 : Senaki (Nokalakevi)-Anaklia

  • Breakfast
  • Firstly,departure for Senaki to visit one of the important landmarks on the territory of Samegrelo, “Nokalakevi”.
  • Nokalakevi is a village and archeological site.
  • Supposedly, it is the place where mythical town “Aia” was located and from where Argonauts stole the Golden fleet.
  • Georgians built The fortress of Nokalakevi between 4-6th century AD.
  • Moreover,It was called as “Archaeopolis” or “Tsikhegoji” (fortress of  kuji).
  • The fortress is located 15 km from Senaki.
  • With the walls of “Nokalakevi” fortress,Georians constructed  “the Forty Martyrs Church” there.
  • Not only, It was originally built as aisled basilica, but also was reconstructed and turned into a dome church.
  • Picnic in the nature
  • Departure for Anaklia, which is a town and seaside resort in western Georgia.
  • Anaklia was one of the earliest settlements dating back to mid-bronze age.
  • Additionally,It had typical Colchian culture in mid-bronze age.
  • As a seaside resort, Anaklia .
  • The Georgian government has recently reconstructed and renovated Anaklia,and make it has all modern amenities such as : Hotels, bars, restaurants etc.
  • Finally,dinner and overnight in Anaklia

Day 3 : Zugdidi (Dadian’s palace/Lake Papantskvili)

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Firstly,departure from Anaklia to Zugdidi
  • Also,you can visit Dadian’s palace, which was the residence of Dadiani dynasty.
  • Obviously,there was a family of nobles, dukes and princes ruling Samegrelo for centuries.
  • Also,we should know that the members of the family were well-educated and interested in different fields.
  • Additionally,Now the former residence of the family is state historical and ethnographical museum.
  • Also,you can find there unique and invaluable examples and objects from different periods.
  • Secondly,Next destination is “Papantsyvili Lake” situating not far from Zugdidi.
  • It takes nearly 15 minutes to get there from Zugdidi.
  • Also,it should be noted,that it is deep and attracts people with its beauty and admiring views.
  • Finally,Back to Tbilisi 
Holiday 3 Days Samegrelo Martvili Georgia
Holiday Samegrelo, Martvili 3 Days