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متحف الفن تبليسي جورجيا

 Tbilisi – Georgia

National art museum

The art museum of Tbilisi Georgia, officially known as Shalva Amiranashvili museum of Fine arts is one of the most important museums in Georgia.

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History of the building

Not far from the Liberty Square it is a building of XIX century, in which more than half a century the museum of arts of Georgia is operating.

This is one of the largest museums in the world.

its funds are more than 140 thousand of Georgian, Oriental and European art.

the National art gallery

A predecessor of the modern-day museum,Georgians opened the National art gallery, on February 1, 1920 through the efforts Europe-educated Georgian artists.


Out of it grew the central museum of Fine arts opened in Tbilisi in 1923.

At the end of 1932 they relocated the museum in the center of the old city near Metekhi church.

the Art museum of Georgia in 1950

Consequently,the museum became officially known as the Art museum of Georgia in 1950, the same year when it moved to the building it now occupies.

It was the building of a former seminary in the imperial Russian period.

Shalva Amiranashvili:

whose name is now a museum, played an important role to replenish the collection of the museum.

Part of Georgian art exhibits,The Georgian government returned it back from Europe, they also obtained the other part  from Private collections.

A third of all enamels in the world

It is worth noting that Georgia National museum of art includes almost a third of all enamels in the world.

Many of the enamels date back to the X-XII centuries.

Another interesting collection is samples of medieval coinage from VIII-XIII centuries.

Chest cross of Queen Tamara

Among them are the golden cup of the king Bagrat III and chest cross of Queen Tamara inlaid with precious stones.

Also, the museum has ancient icon Anchiskhati from VI century.

Important collection of the museum

The most important collection of the museum is Georgian art illustrating the development of national culture from ancient times to present.

Pieces of Persian art

Oriental art is next in its size and importance.

Furthermore,pieces of Persian art are the most noteworthy including several miniatures of court artists, beauties, portraits of Shahs, noblemen etc.

Moreover,Georgian national art museum often organizes exhibitions in other countries.

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