The Perfect Ski Destination: Exploring Bakuriani, Georgia

1. Introduction to Bakuriani

About the Perfect Ski Destination: Exploring Bakuriani, Georgia, Bakuriani is a ski resort in the Borjomi district of Georgia, located in the Lesser Caucasus mountain range.

The ski resort is popular with both locals and tourists, and has become a destination for ski enthusiasts from around the world.

2. Skiing and Snowboarding in Bakuriani :

The resort is known for its clean air, breathtaking views, and excellent ski conditions.

Bakuriani has been a popular ski resort since the late 19th century, and has been home to many championships in alpine skiing, snowboarding, and ski jumping.

3. Winter Activities and Festivals in Bakuriani :

The resort has a variety of runs, from beginner to advanced, as well as a number of other activities such as snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and hiking.

The resort also has a number of hotels, restaurants, and shops, making it a great destination for a winter holiday. Bakuriani is also home to a number of winter sports and cultural festivals, such as the Bakuriani Ski Festival and the Bakuriani Music Festival.

4. Ski Schools in Bakuriani :

The resort has a number of ski schools, and is a great place to learn how to ski or snowboard.

5. Conclusion

Bakuriani also offers a variety of activities for nonskiers, such as sledding, tubing, and snowmobiling.

Uncovering the Wonders of Borjomi, Georgia

Exploring the Healing Springs of Borjomi, Georgia

About uncovering the Wonders of Borjomi, Georgia, Borjomi is a resort town in the country of Georgia, located in the Caucasus region.

It is known for its natural mineral water springs, for its sulfur baths, and for the Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park, which covers 8% of the country.

Borjomi is also known for its 19th century royal baths, which were built by the Russian Tsar Alexander II.

Discovering the Historic Vardzia Monastery, Georgia

Vardzia is a cave monastery in Georgia, located in the southern part of the country.

The monastery was built in the 12th century and served as a refuge during the Mongol invasion.

Also, The monastery is built into the side of a cliff and consists of over 600 caves, 15 churches, and a variety of other structures.

Vardzia is famous for its unique architecture, which combines elements of Georgian, Armenian, and Byzantine styles.

The Ancient Art of Viticulture in Georgia

Viticulture is the practice of growing grapes and making wine. Viticulture has been important in the monastic economy since ancient times, as wine is an important part of the Christian tradition.

Monasteries have used viticulture to produce wine for religious ceremonies, as well as for commercial purposes. In Georgia, viticulture has been an important part of the country’s economy for centuries.

Healing with Borjomi: Exploring Georgia‘s Therapeutic Waters

Borjomi is known for its healing properties and its therapeutic baths.

It is believed that the natural mineral waters of Borjomi have healing properties and can help relieve stress, reduce inflammation, and improve circulation.

Healing in Borjomi: Spa Treatments and Therapies

The town offers a variety of therapeutic treatments, such as mineral water baths, mud baths, and sauna treatments. There are also a variety of spas and wellness centres in the town offering a range of treatments and therapies. Borjomi is also home to a number of resorts and health centers, offering a range of therapies and treatments for those looking to improve their health and wellbeing.

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Borjomi tour Spring Resort

Borjomi  Vardzia Tour Package 

What makes this tour different from others?

In “ Borjomi Vardzia tour package “, we will spend Three days of enjoying a visit to the city’s magnificent castle carved into the rock and Impressive visit to the famous healing resort of Borjomi .

Firstly, the tour will start in Vardzia, one of the most famous monuments of Georgia, built in the 12th century, there is a completely unique world : mysterious, glorious and romantic.

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Vardzia is a stone city with hundreds of caves.

The layers and dwellings of the caves city of Vardzia

In the eastern part of the synagogue there are seventy-nine separate dwellings in the caves, in eight floors and a total of two hundred and fifty rooms, including six prayer halls, the “Queen Tamar’s Chamber”, a meeting room, a reception room, a pharmacy, and Twenty-five wine cellars and one hundred and eighty-five wine jars – sunk into the ground by earthquake and time factors – to document the importance of viticulture in the monastic economy

Also, In the western part, between the bell tower and the main church, there are forty other houses, in thirteen stories and a total of one hundred and sixty-five rooms, including six prayer halls, a café with a bakery, and other ovens for baking bread, and forging .

Outside the bell tower the complex rises to nineteen stories, with steps leading to the cemetery. Infrastructure includes access tunnels, water utilities, and defense provision

Church of the Nativity

In addition, the Church of the Dormition was the spiritual and archaeological center of the site

Borjomi is located in eastern Georgia at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level and is rich in mineral and healing water deposits, coniferous forests, mountain climate and a beautiful garden, which is one of the largest protected areas in Europe. The Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park is the first national park in the Caucasus that meets international standards, and the surrounding areas are full of historical monuments.

Booking and reservation for “Vardzia – Borjomi” tour package :

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Tour itinerary :

At the beginning of the tour we can stop in Uplistsikhe, visit the city of GORI .

departure to Vardzia and Borjomi .

Try Borjomi’s mineral water

The price of our trip “ Borjomi Vardzia tour package “ includes :

hotel accommodation,

walks, hikes and (“ Optional “horseback riding in the Borjomi park);



Driver – Guide

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Georgia tours and important visits


In this article “Georgia tours and important visits”, we just mention the important visits of some of the most important cities, “Tbilisi – Borjomi – Batumi”:

On Georgia tours, there is a lot to see, which is almost countless .

Therefore we will uniquely provide a large group of visits from all directions .

In other words, we do not follow the different tourism sectors .

For that,  these visits you can carried it out, such as nature, culture, adventure, snow, water springs and environmental visits. . Picturesque forests … etc.

Why do we mention these three cities in this article?

Therefore, we will limit ourselves to many visits to many major cities, and this does not mean that what we restrict is all that can be visited and not others .

so you can make a visit that has great cultural and aesthetic importance .

but at the same time it may be uncommon with others.

Tbilisi visits:

  • The Abantubani area or the ancient sulfur baths, which are located in the heart of the old city.
  • The square is in the heart of Tbilisi and the most important tourist place and overlooking the river.
  • You can also make this visit on foot, preferably instead of using car rides to visit this open museum.
  • Then, you can move to visit the other side overlooking the river .
  • During, that we can see the city panorama beside the statue of Vagating Gorgasali, Tbilisi founder.
  • The Samba Church or the giant Church of Eternity, which, although relatively recent, is in a great place built on the ruins of an old church.
  • and allows you from the place of the visit to see almost all of the city
  • As well as its location allows you to see it from large parts of the city.
  • Take a cable car ride to visit Narikala Castle .
  • Also, see the statue of the “Georgian Mother of the Nation”.

The rare botanical garden :

  • The castle has an exciting panorama of the city, and on the other side of the mountain see the rare botanical garden.
  • It is worth noting that this tour is characterized by convergence and contrast.
  • In this square where you can see four or five places from one geographical square with different views and colors.

Turtle Lake :

  • Turtle Lake, which is on the other side of Tbilisi, which is a lake over the mountain.
  • The lake is surrounded by hills in a picturesque view, and some games and water rides can be enjoyed.

Mtatsminda park funicular :

  • Mtatsminda park funicular and a train ride to it where seeing the panorama, amusement parks and restaurants.
  • It is a picturesque place for individuals and families alike, as you can not miss photographing the Georgian TV and radio tower.
  • and it is a marvel that overlooks the city from all directions.

the Mtkwari River :

  • Boating rides in the Mtkwari River, and the liberty Glass Bridge in its various colors and lights.
  • Tbilisi malls, where you can get the best international brands at competitive prices.
  • The historical Georgian flea market, which is the antiques market, and the Georgians work in it, and therefore it is called the old employees market.

Visits of  “ Rabati – Borjomi ” :

By virtue of its proximity to the city of Borjomi, the city of Rabati always looks at them as one trip together and as a group of visits one, which is not far and is unique in the visit.
Where our company “Romantic Travel Georgia Caucasus” begins during the day moving to visit the city of “Rabati”.
  • In Rabati where we see a different nature and is a unique place similar to Jerusalem.
  • Because of its composition between the Turkish Islamic style and the Christian style at the same time.
  • Also, visit the castle, enjoy the open museum there, visit the Ahmadiyia Mosque and roam in this unique city

Borjomi, the most beautiful and therapeutic place in Georgia tours :

  • As for Borjomi: We will visit one of the most beautiful and therapeutic, environmental and health resorts located in Asia.
  • Also we must mention that borjomi is one of the largest resorts in Eastern Europe, which is famous for its natural healthy waters and wonderful nature.
  • Also, the resort town of  Borjomi is famous for the refreshing weather of patients with chest crises, the amazing nature, the diversity of plant life and the pine trees.

The middle of a valley surrounded by mountains :

  • Borjomi is also located in the middle of a valley surrounded by mountains, and springs of water that have special features for the treatment of kidney and digestive system patients flow.
  • And it was one of the most important centers and health resorts in different periods of government in the last century and it had a wide fame.
  • Also, soon in the present era it regained its status and became an icon of recreation and health tourism and a destination for families and individuals from all over the world.
  • We can see the most beautiful reserves, pine trees and cable car rides that take you over the mountains in an enchanting atmosphere of the unique picturesque nature.

Batumi visits:

This modern city with an ancient history at the same time is the pearl of the Caucasus and one of the most important cities of the Black Sea, Some of these visits will be unique to “Georgia tours”.
  • Visit Gonyo Castle and Petra Palace.
  • The Batumi Botanical Garden, which is one of the largest and most prestigious gardens in the world and opened more than a hundred years ago, has the rarest plants in the world.

Martvile Canyon :

  • Doing a trip to “Martvile Canyon” which is about two hours away from the city.
  • Martvile Canyon, it is not in Batumi, but very often our company “Romantic Travel Georgia Tourism” makes this visit.

Martvili, known as the Paradise of Georgia, is located near the Kutaisi region and city.

  • And we can make a rafting in the middle of the waterfalls and the famous Canyon Martveli are among the most amazing places that attract people from all over the world.
  • Also the company can make barbecue and lunch in the middle of nature and spend a wonderful day in the water springs in the forests with all the necessary equipment.

Village of Khilnari :

  • See all the landmarks of Batumi, from the mountains, and the possibility of barbecue next to the water gondola in Khilnari.
  • Khilnari one of the cities of Adjara region, which contains the city of Batumi, the capital.

Batumi Dolphinarium :

  • Watch the show of dolphins at the dolphins house, where the company’s tourism representative recommends early booking to choose the right time.

Beaches in Adjara and Black Sands:

Bathing in the Black Sea. It is important to note the importance of the beaches of the Adjara region in recovering from some diseases.
  • Beaches contain black sand and we know it with its contain of minerals that help to heal many skin diseases and bone diseases.

Batumi promenade :

  • Also, we should not forget, on Georgia tours, that we visit Batumi resorts and the world promenade,
  • And also, you can see all the fun games from riding motorcycles to the legend of the famous statues.
  • the famous statues(Ali and Nino) consider as symbol of the city, which is the embodiment of the meanings of love.
  • And this international Batumi boulevard walk, you can spend an entire day around and enjoy the most delicious meals there.
Village of Makhuntseti :
  • Visiting the wonderful alphabet tower from which you can take pictures of the city from all sides.
  • The famous town of Makhuntseti in the months of the waterfall, seeing the Black Sea and making a sea tour.
  • Riding the cable car that sends you to the other side of the city, and shopping and tasting the famous Georgian sweets.