Borjomi  Vardzia Tour Package 

What makes this tour different from others?

In “ Borjomi Vardzia tour package “, we will spend Three days of enjoying a visit to the city’s magnificent castle carved into the rock and Impressive visit to the famous healing resort of Borjomi .

Firstly, the tour will start in Vardzia, one of the most famous monuments of Georgia, built in the 12th century, there is a completely unique world : mysterious, glorious and romantic.

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Vardzia is a stone city with hundreds of caves.

The layers and dwellings of the caves city of Vardzia

In the eastern part of the synagogue there are seventy-nine separate dwellings in the caves, in eight floors and a total of two hundred and fifty rooms, including six prayer halls, the “Queen Tamar’s Chamber”, a meeting room, a reception room, a pharmacy, and Twenty-five wine cellars and one hundred and eighty-five wine jars – sunk into the ground by earthquake and time factors – to document the importance of viticulture in the monastic economy

Also, In the western part, between the bell tower and the main church, there are forty other houses, in thirteen stories and a total of one hundred and sixty-five rooms, including six prayer halls, a café with a bakery, and other ovens for baking bread, and forging .

Outside the bell tower the complex rises to nineteen stories, with steps leading to the cemetery. Infrastructure includes access tunnels, water utilities, and defense provision

Church of the Nativity

In addition, the Church of the Dormition was the spiritual and archaeological center of the site

Borjomi is located in eastern Georgia at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level and is rich in mineral and healing water deposits, coniferous forests, mountain climate and a beautiful garden, which is one of the largest protected areas in Europe. The Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park is the first national park in the Caucasus that meets international standards, and the surrounding areas are full of historical monuments.

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Tour itinerary :

At the beginning of the tour we can stop in Uplistsikhe, visit the city of GORI .

departure to Vardzia and Borjomi .

Try Borjomi’s mineral water

The price of our trip “ Borjomi Vardzia tour package “ includes :

hotel accommodation,

walks, hikes and (“ Optional “horseback riding in the Borjomi park);



Driver – Guide