Tbilisi Mtskheta trip 1 day

Amazing tour of Tbilisi and Mtskheta :

Tbilisi Mtskheta trip is a tour that takes you in a wonderful and distant atmosphere, including archaeological, artistic and amazing nature attractions.

Feature of  ” Tbilisi Mtskheta Trip ” :

  • Number of hours: 8/9 hours
  • Excursion includes: Tours – specialized tour group facilities – private Georgian lunch – bottle of water
  • Minimum reservation is 2 persons – the reservation price through our website starts from (60 USD).
  • And in the event of an increase due to the increase in the number of people.
  • The difference is returned according to the following price table:

The prices of a journey of  “Tbilisi – Mtskheta”  day of magic :

  • 2 people 120 dollars
  • 3 people 160 dollars
  • 4 people 180 dollars

Flight details (one day Tbilisi and Mtskheta):

After breakfast we start Tbilisi’s magical day trip to visit the dry bridge area.

  • The dry bridge area which is an open-air market, where you can find all kinds of old Georgian employees.
  • A market for old collectibles where you can find original antiques for fans of unique collections and artifacts.
  • Also,You can also find a lot of home appliances that you seldom find in our times and at an affordable price.

Sulfur baths area:

  • After that visit we visit Abanotubani (sulfur baths area).
  • Corridors were built on the natural hot sulfur springs in the seventeenth to nineteenth.

Narikala Fortress and other historical annexes:

  • Even a cable car ride to get to Narikala Castle.
  • The old castle, which was the main castle in the city, to the giant Samiba Church.
  • we will go to the botanical garden and Freedom Square.
  • visit the world park, Tatsmanda Park.
  • Also,ride the electric train, which enables us to see the city in a picturesque panorama.
  • Further, we visit the famous turtle lake.

Lunch then go to Mtskheta:

  • After lunch, completing the visits in Tbilisi.
  • Visiting the glass peace bridge.
  • And  we have the possibility of visiting and seeing the rest of the city’s landmarks,
  • Then we go heading to Mtskheta, one of the oldest cities in Georgia
  • In addition, visit the area of ​​Guevari from the highest mountain peaks,
  • where you can see a picturesque panorama of the city of Mtskheta.
  • And also, you can enjoy seeing the confluence of the Arajevi and Kura rivers.

To visit all the sites on the UNESCO World Heritage List

Summary of visits on the Tbilisi Mtskheta trip:

Visiting ancient Tbilisi neighborhoods:

  • Sulfur baths, Narikala Fortress (fourth century).
  • Sioni Cathedral (seventeenth to nineteenth centuries).
  • Metekhi (thirteenth century), ethnographic museums in an open museum.
  • Abantubani, Mtskheta visit, visit the dry bridge market, turtle lake, Mtatsamanda Park.
  • In “One day Tbilisi trip to Mtskheta” we can add or change any place according to the will of the customer “family or individuals”.
Tbilisi Mtskheta trip 1 day