Wine production in Georgia

Wine production in Georgia   History of Georgian Wine production : We consider the Wine production in Georgia is one of the oldest wine producing countries in the world. All evidence points out that the earliest wine production was in Georgia. Features of wine production in Georgia : Grape seeds have been found in Caucasian tombs 7000

Visit Tbilisi flea market-Georgia

Visit Tbilisi flea market-Georgia The old antiques market : Visit Flea market in Tbilisi is one of the things the city should be proud of. There are a lot of places for bargain hunters. Among the most popular ones are: Dry bridge market and Rustaveli Avenue.     Dry bridge flea market : runs along the

Georgian cuisine Amazing Taste

Georgian cuisine Amazing Taste   Georgia has its own style of cooking, How? In our article "Georgian cuisine Amazing Taste" Let's take a look at the most important features of  Georgian food. Because based primarily on ancient recipes, but you can also find many bold proposals from avant-garde chefs as well. In addition to being