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Georgia Wine and Roses Trip 6 Days


What distinguishes this trip Georgian wine and roses?

Georgia Wine and Roses Trip is an amazing tour and six days of fun in the arms of an ancient civilization and an industry with origins that were inherited by the Georgian generations in the cities and the Georgian villages of the original organic wine that has no equal in the world.

the kind Georgian villagers :

Certainly We also do not forget in our Trip “Georgia Wine and Roses” to visit an important, interesting and delicious industry.

In other words is the wonderful Wine and Roses Tour, you will taste Georgian cheese of all kinds, and savor it through our visit to the kind Georgian villagers throughout the trip.

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Itinerary of 6 days | Tbilisi, Telavi, Alavardi, Napareuli, Tsinandali, Gremi, Tkhilistskaro, Sighnaghi, Poka, Akhaltsikhe, Borjomi, Mtskheta

Tbilisi arrival Day one :

Reception at Tbilisi airport, then go to the hotel, rest and then in the afternoon.

start a quick tour of the most important landmarks of the city.

Visit the Metekhi church, the Vakhtang Gorgasali Monument and Narikala fortress.

That is to say, that all the ancient Tbilisi landmarks from the streets and alleys of the old city in the Ortachala region.

Also, the famous leselidze street, which connects the Medan area with the modern downtown and Freedom Square.

– Narikala Castle, shardani, turkish baths…

On the other side, We also cannot fail to visit the famous Narikala Castle.

Narikala Castle connects all the city’s borders with the old photos.

An open museum in a rich geographical square in the middle of the old Tbilisi houses.

Georgians and Italian built these houses with decorated wood with Italian styles.

Further, Visiting the Turkish baths area and going out to the Shardeni area.

Shardani also overlooks the river on the other hand.

In addition, in our Wine and Roses Tour, we can visit one of the most important wine cellars to savor private Georgian wines.

on the other hand, visit the clock tower masterpiece by famous artist Rezo gabriadze.

Evening dinner, overnight at the hotel in Tbilisi

Day 2: Tbilisi – Alaverdi – Napareuli – Tsinandali – Telavi

Waking up early.

Getting out of the hotel in Tbilisi and after breakfast.

Then, take a scenic trip to the most beautiful Georgian vineyards.

Georgian vineyards are characterized by many different types of grapes.

For instance, Georgian vineyards will take you through a picturesque road called the mountainous Gombori  pass.

Gombori  pass is characterized by the diversity of mountain views and colors.

Also we will reach the charming old antique monastery.

In your Georgia Wine and Roses Trip 6 days, we will discover that Georgians have made this winery long time ago

Monastery surrounded by hundreds of hectares around it.

  • Wine of village of Napareuli :

Then in your Wine and Roses Tour, head to the famous village of Napareuli, and there is a great opportunity to savor the best of authentic and organic Georgian wines, which are made in the manner known as “Qvevri”.

Savor five types of Georgian wines.

learn about the facilities and workshops attached within the famous factory.

We also have an opportunity to sample cheese and Georgian bread.

Have lunch in the village’s most famous wine cellar .

– Alexander Chavchavadze :

Then head to one of the most beautiful Georgian houses of the Alexander Chavchavadze’s  family :

  • You can see the English gardens surrounding the place and taste the most luxurious Georgian wines.
  • We walk around with our guide to know the history of the family and the wine museum there.
  • The Alexander Chavchavadze family is a flags of Georgian literature and poetry in the nineteenth century.
  • Heading to the city of Telavi, stroll through its European, Georgian streets with special architectural styles, and take souvenir photos with the famous King Erekle II statue
  • Dinner and hotel stay in Telavi

Day 3: Telavi – Grime – Tsikhlistskaro – Sighnaghi – Tbilisi

Breakfast and check out of the hotel .

We will go to visit the castle of Grime, which is one of the most beautiful visits in “Georgia Wine and Roses”.

Castle of Grime and is an archaeological complex dating back to the sixteenth century in the Kingdom of Kakheti.

  • City of “Georgia Wine and Roses” Sighnaghi :

Before heading to Sighnaghi, we visit one of the wineries and wine tasting with lunch in the village of Tskhilistskaro .

In the same vein, we will be on a date to participate in the local cheese industry.

Also, you will get acquainted with the Georgian tradition in the food industry.

Lunch with Georgian wine and traditional Georgian meals in the village of Tskhilistskaro.

Alazani Valley :

Then we head to one of the most beautiful romantic cities in Georgia Sighnaghi city.

City of love or Sighnaghi city is famous for weddings throughout the year and is characterized by a picturesque atmosphere overlooking the Alazani Valley. 

Sighnaghi hasdefensive walls with the 32 defensive towers, as it is an important stop for the ancient Silk Road.

  • Sighnaghi winery :

– Visit the Sighnaghi winery with a taste of various types of organic Georgian wines made according to traditional Georgian traditions.

Also, do not forget in “Georgia Wine and Roses Trip 6 days” to visit the monastery of Saint Nino,

Certainly, the monastery of  saint Nino is considered one of the most important monasteries of nuns, and Saint Nino was the one who converted Georgia to Christianity in the fourth century.

Back to Tbilisi and overnight at the hotel

Day 4 : Tbilisi – Poka – Akhaltsikhe

Waking up early – and getting out of the hotel after breakfast – heading to southern Georgia.

Going to the Javakheti region in the middle of a picturesque road and unparalleled natural landscapes.

St. Nino :

  • Passing through the Paravani Lake, visiting the wonderful Georgian countryside and the traditional organic wineries.
  • a great opportunity to taste all kinds of Georgian cheese in its different colors and taste.
  • Georgian cheese belongs to the wonderful  Javakheti region.
  • Also,as we can See the monastery of St. Nino, which was built in the eleventh century and its called PoKa Monastery.
  • Which Georgian products you can see in our wine and roses tour :

In our Wine and Roses Tour, you can see all the original organic Georgian products with a unique natural flavor.

Also, we can buy a lot of them: Jam, oil, chocolate and authentic Georgian honey of all kinds.

Access to Akhaltsikhe, the charming historical city.

dinner with Georgian wine – overnight at the hotel.

Day 5: Akhaltsikhe – Borjomi – Mtskheta – Tbilisi

We wake up early – check out from the hotel – and head between the old city districts and head to the Rabati Castle. and

The name of Rabati Castle comes from the Arabic name “Rabat” or “forts”.

This place is distinguished as one of the places for tolerance, coexistence and trade.

It was a meeting place for caravans on the ancient Silk Road and it is a prosperous place.

Therefore, It dominates the old buildings as a picturesque open museum that takes you on a tour for several hundreds of years. 

Open museum is located on a beautiful hill with views of the Potskhovi River.

  • Borjomi :

And then, and depending on the lunch time, in your wine and Roses Tour, we go to the city of Borjomi, this famous spa and eco-resort, the city surrounded by mountains.

In addition, its healthy air and world famous waters which used for treatment.

Also travel in the world famous park, we can take lunch in Borjomi or later according to time.

After that, our date comes in the third round of the day in one of the most important regions of wine makers in Georgia.

Certainly, we characterize this place by its beauty and architectural creativity.

That is to say, it belongs to the era of nobility and the Georgian aristocracy.

We will go in our “Georgia Wine and Roses trip” to the famous ” chateau mukhrani ” where we have the opportunity to taste Georgian wine

Then, we lunch in this picturesque place .

  • Mtskheta :

The role also comes to visit the ancient city of Mtskheta, which is the capital of ancient Georgia.

A visit as its famous cathedral and its picturesque streets.

the confluence of the Aragvi and mtkvari rivers :

  • Also we visit the confluence of the Aragvi and mtkvari rivers.
  • As the town contains beside its ancient Georgian history.
  • But it contains one of the most important cathedrals in Georgia, which has the cloth for jesus Christ.
  • Jesus Christ wore it during the crucifixion. 
  • Certainly, all the specefic historical information will be told by our touristic guide during the visit.

 Arsena’s family winery :

  • In Georgia Wine and Roses, you have the opportunity to try a traditional Georgian lunch and savor the wine of the Arsena’s family winery.
  • Mtskheta was the capital of the Eastern Iberian Kingdom from the third century BC to the fifth century AD.
  • By visiting “Svetitskhoveli”, the city’s main cathedral you will be able to see the holy place where the robe of Christ is preserved.
  • Arrive at Tbilisi / overnight at the hotel

Day6: Tbilisi – departure

Check-out from the hotel at noon.

Free tour until transfer to Tbilisi International Airport.

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