Tbilisi’s Flea market

Tbilisi’s Flea market is one of the things the city should be proud of. There are a lot of places for bargain hunters. Among the most popular ones are: Dry bridge market and Rustaveli Avenue.

    Dry bridge flea market runs along the river and opens up into a large bazaar where one can buy everything beginning with antique jewelry ending with old sepia photographs, soviet-era medals and uniforms, silver cutlery and other beautiful and antique items for home décor. The most interesting stalls at dry bridge flea market are the ones selling Soviet-union memorabilia. For a few pounds a guest can pick up medals awarded to Georgian citizens for their bravery and loyalty.

  Tbilisi’s flea market known as Dry Bridge takes place every Saturday. Items are of a particular nature: they are usually second hand household items. Everything is on the ground, carefully assembled on blankets. These items can be delineated by theme- kitchen, pre-soviet antique, general bibliographic, gardening, USSR antique, souvenirs, clothing, Chinese, computer etc.

  It should be noted that for many of sellers it represents far more survival than casual endeavor. They may be selling dear things from their past, from their family’s history, personal library etc.

   Rustaveli Avenue is another place where buyers and collectors can purchase beautiful, unique and antique items.  Like Dry Bridge flea market, everything is laid on the ground and every seller has its own place. It is the place full of local artists representing their handmade lovely paintings and various types of jewelry/statues. Rustaveli Avenue is the place where past and present mix.

  Tbilisi’s Flea market is so popular with foreigners and tourists. They visit Georgia to buy jewelry and precious things because of its cheap and superior quality. Works of famous Georgian painters such as Niko Pirosmani, Elene Akhvlediani, Lado Gudiashvili and others are also sold on the streets and prices are very reasonable as well.

 Tbilisi is still an excellent to buy carpets. It is the very place where the dedicated buyer or collector may find some amazing pieces for their collection. There are no many carpet shops in Tbilisi, just 5 or 6 of them, but they really worth visiting. All of these shops have carpets and flat weaves from all over the wider Caucasus region, not only from Georgian regions.  Beside carpets saddlebags, covers, embroideries and so on are sold there.  These are the places one should return as regularly as possible.