Georgian tour package Sindbad 20 Days


Sindbad Georgian Tour package 20 days “Nature – Culture – meditation”

This Georgian tour package Sindbad which is rich of culture, nature, animation and relaxation in a breathtaking views on green lands and turquoise water’s lakes.

Consequently, this program “Georgia tour package”/ 20 days was designed by our travel agency to appeal to all tastes, Families, kids, businessmen, lovers, Honeymooners…

  • Certainly, this program is completely flexible, change, replace or mix & match visits upon your request
  • Also, upon the client’s arrival, and around a fresh welcome drink, an information meeting of 30 minutes will be done by one of our representatives.

Certainly, our representatives are available to advise clients during their whole stay.

Tbilisi – Mtskheta – Ananuri – kazbegi – « kakheti region » – Borjomi akhalitskha – ufliscixe – Batumi (Adjara)  –Martvilli canyon–kutaisi –tbilisi

Day 1:  Tbilisi

Firstly, meet and assest in the airport

  • Breakfast in the hotel at 7:00 A.M
  • After noon at 14 :00 h , pick –up time ,lunch , begin our trip.
  • Subsequently, departure by car to visit Tbilisi Botanical gardens, Narikala fortress with the beautiful  views of the whole city,
  • Also, we must not miss to visit the Sulphur baths in Abanotubani, MtatsmindaPark (Known as Bombora as well), which is an excellent place for entertainment, especially for children.
  • Moreover, this above the city and has been a popular place for generations.
  • In addition, it has spectacular views and the attractions include: flume ride, a lot of children’s rides, water play area, a spinning coaster, a reverse bungee,

aferrieswheel and many others.

Mtatsminda park :

with its beautiful gardens and attractions is one of the popular place for local  people and tourists as well.

consequently, it is the best place to relax and have fun in every season of the year.

As a result, you can enjoy the beautiful gardens, breathtaking nature and excellent views make this place a unique location to visit.

The Tbilisi Holy Trinity Cathedral:

commonly known as Sameba (in Georgian language meaning Trinity) is the main Georgian Orthodox Christian cathedral, located in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia.

In addition, it’s Constructed between 1995 and 2004,

Moreover, it is the largest religious building not only in Georgia but in the region of South Caucasus, and is listed among the largest Orthodox churches in the world.

TurtleLake :

Next sightseeing is TurtleLake, which is locatedat an elevation of 686.7 meters above the city. It is a recreational zone and is frequently visited by Georgians at weekends.

Consequently, concerts and festivals are held there aswell. It has a unique nature and environment for relaxation and having fun.

  • 20:00 h ,Dinner,Arabian restaurant
  • Back to hotel.

Day 2 : Mtskheta – Ananuri –Gudauri –  kazbegi

  • wake-up call -7:00 A.m
  • Breakfast served from 06:00 to 10:00
  • Firstly, this morning you can visit an ancient town Mtskheta near Tbilisi and Annanuri castle with water reservoir and beautiful nature.
          Gudauri :
  • Gudauri is one of the best location you will ever being! once we reach Gudauri you feel like we enter to a different world.
  • Also, Russian Georgian Friendship Monument is one of the best place which you can enjoy the wonderful view of Gudauri.
  • In addition, you can stop in this place and have some snacks and fresh fruits (buy) from this place and feel the cool and relax in the environment.
  • Therefore, this place give you the best relaxation you can imagine ever.
          Kazbegi :
  • Kazbegi is the kind of place that shakes your prejudices and goads the mind and body into action.
  • Therefore, it makes you look for things to do – and not just give you a list you can tick off. Here, you see what you see and do what you can do within your time frame and your physical limitations – you set your pace and make up your list.
  • What Kazbegi does give you is fabulous food, views and opportunities to test your patience and physical strength.
  • You can take your lunch at a local restaurant or in the naturein middle of a large forest, a fully green area, listening to birds singing.
  • Dinner in turish resto in Tbilisi
  • Over night Tbilisi – hotel and dinner.

Day 3 –  Day 4 –  Day 5 :

Tbilisi to akhalitsikhe 154 km  “three night in borjomi region”– vardzia – borjomi – bakuriani- kharaguli park – likani – return back Tbilisi- over night.

Firstly, **8:00 afterbreakfast in Tbilisi hotel ,we begin to move to visit one of the most known healthy ,and culuturel resort in east Europe,famous by its healthy water and fabulous nature.

**13:00 lunch during the route travelling or during the visits.

**During the day we will visit rabati castle,we will see different nature

**19:00 dinner –over night in vardizia resort.

**First overnight in vardizia city in a beautiful resort ,

** 7:30  breakfast The other two nights –will be in borjomi city,stay in hotel among the nature,we can doing all this visits:

  • Queen tamar  “memorial”
  • Ahmediyye mosque
  • Rabati fortress
  • Bakuriani “sightseeing “ mountains,ski resort in winter
  • Sapara monastery
  • Kharaguli ‘natural park” forest
  • Borjomi natural healthy source of water
  • The forest train “children activity” “kukushka”
  • Cave city in vardizia
  • Romanov palace
  • Tabatskuri lake
  • Likani

Day 6 –  : borjomi -tbilisi

Wake up call,7:30-breakfast

Firstly, check out from borjomi hotel,continue our visits with the last look in borjomi region

13:00 lunch during the trip

Note : possibilities to arrange lunch pic – nick in nature

Continue our program ,go to Tbilisi

19:00 Dinner –overnight Tbilisi .

Day 7-  Day 8-   :

Tbilisi – kakheti  “two nights” in lopota  Resort – three days.

8: oo Wake up call- breakfast- trip in “kakheti region” 3 days,two nights,region very famous of its wine, cathedrals ,fortress, nature,horses,culture….

**the two nights : lopota resort ,the most famous in georgia ,by its lake,

**lunch stable time 13 or 12:00 during the whole trip

** dinner 19:00 over nights in lopota resort

The visites during the tour :                                                                                       

  • National park of tusheti
  • Lopota lake
  • Kvareli lake
  • Chavchavadze museum
  • Lagodekhi National Reserve
  • Signagi City Walls- the city of love.
  • Tsinandali Palace
  • Sighnaghi Ethnographic Park
  • ……………………

Day 9 – : Lopota lake – over night Tbilisi

  • Wake up call,7:30-breakfast
  • Check out from lopota resort,continue our visits with the last look in kakheti region
  • 13:00 lunch during the trip
  • Continue our program ,go to Tbilisi
  • 19:00 Dinner –overnight Tbilisi .

Day 10  – Day 11 – Day 12 – Day 13 – “four nights in Batumi”

          Breakfast at your hotel in Tbilisi,  move from Tbilisi early  Arrival in Batumi -lunch

  • After noon- Check-in at the hotel

***The excursions during four days includes the following sightseeing :

  • Gonio fortresse
  • excursion around Batumi and nearby territories including: Batumi botanic garden, Dolphinarium, Gonio and Petra fortresses, Tamari Bridge with beautiful nature etc. Also Mtirala National Park situated between Batumi and Kobuleti.
  • MtiralaNationalPark- MTIRALA National Park is situated between Black sea and Adjara mountain range.
  • Certainly, It is one of the protected territories in Georgia.
  • The flora contains endemic plants and is rich with chestnut and beech trees.
  • It is also home for bears, boars, eagles, owls etc.
  • Also, Mtirala’s amphibian world is also much diversified. One can find there Caucasian Salamander, toad, Eurasian mash frog and Caucasian viper.
  • Batumi Archeological Museum
  • “6 May Park in Batumi”-Firstly in the place of the modern park was gardens. Its construction began in 1881. Now the educational and entertainment centers are complexly joined in the park, here are: dolphinarium, Show aquarium, zoo corner, kids’ attractions etc.
  • The overnights during this four nights in Batumi.

Day14  : from Batumi to martvilli

  • Wake up call,7:30-breakfast
  • Check out from our hotel,continue our visits with the last look in Adjara region
  • 13:00 lunch during the trip

From Batumi to zghdidi

  • Zugdidi (Dadian’s palace/Enguri Water reservoir)
  • Firstly, trip to Zugdidi
  • Above all, visit Dadian’s palace (Ticket price 1.70$).
  • Representatives of Dadiani dynasty were very well acknowledged of world history, cultural and world technological achievements.
  • They were totally involved in social activity.
  • On the other hand, there are about 41000 items on display in the museum, most of which are unique and priceless pieces of art important for Georgian and Foreign culture.
  • Meanwhile, on the way you will also see Enguri Water reservoir which is 271 meter high. This is the highest reservoir of this kind in the whole Europe. The reservoir provides water for the beautiful Samegrelo lands and Svanetian Mountains.
  • Secondly, continue our program ,go to martvilli
  • One Day in Martvilli canyon.over night in martvilli.
  • third day ,breakfast Continue the trip to kutaisi ,over night.
  • Finally, 19:00 Dinner –overnight . in martvili

Day 15  Day 16  :  from martvilli to Kutaisi”tskaltubo

Kutaisi (Gelati monastic complex/ Bagrati cathedral /Sataflia Nature resort / Motsameta church)

  • 8:00 Wake up call
  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Departure for Kutaisi
          Gelati monastery :
  • Visit Gelati monastery, a monastic complex situated in Kutaisi, Imereti.
  • Certainly, it was one of the most important cultural and intellectual centers in Georgia.
  • Also, its academy employed outstanding Georgian scientists, philosophers etc.
  • The complex itself contains three churches.
  • On the other hand, one of them is church of the Virgin sounded by David the Builder in 12th century and St. George and St. Nicholas churches dating back to 13th 
          Bagrati Cathedral:
  • Meanwhile, after Gelati monastery you will visit recently renovated Bagrati Cathedral, which situates in the town of Kutaisi, on the high hill called “Ukimerioni”.
  • Similarly, the cathedral was built in the 11th century during the reign of Bagrat III (hence the name “Bagrati Cathedral).
  • Also, the cathedral was devastated in 17th century by the Ottoman troops invading the kingdom of Imereti. In 2012 Bagrati Cathedral was rebuilt.
  • Picnic in the nature or lunch at restaurant in Kutaisi.
          Sataflia Nature resort :
  • After picnic (lunch) visit Sataflia Nature resort. From ancient tomes inhabited bees at this place and the local population collected honey from this place.
  • That’s why it is called Sataplia (place of honey).
  • Also, Sataplia has a complex character and mostly is known by its unique caves.
  • In these caverns there are stalactites and stalagmites which astonish visitors.
  • Therefore, in cave one can find a spring as well flowing in the wall.
  • That is to say, Sataplia resort was established to protect these geologic, paleontological, speleological and botanical monuments.
          Motsameta church :
  • Visit Motsameta church of the two Georgian princes martyrs, David and Konstantin Mkheidze .
  • However, it is a small church situating above the rough of the River Rioni and is buried in coastal vegetation.
  • In addition, They reconstructed the building two times, first in 10th century by tsar Bagrat III and in 19th century as well .
  • Dinner
  • Overnight for the two days in tskaltubo plaza hotel

Day 17 : Kutaisi – uplistsikhe – Gori – Tbilisi

  • Wake up call
  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Departure for Gori, which is a city in eastern Georgia and also capital of Kvemo Kartli
  • At the beginning of the day, visit Uplistsikhe, a rock-hewn town situated in Eastern part of Georgia.
  • It is about 100 km western from Tbilisi.
  • This cave city is regarded by scientists as one of the oldest urban settlements in Georgia connecting its history to the mythical Uplos, which was a son of Mtskhetos.
  • After Uplistsikhe you will visit Joseph Stalin’s Museum in Gori, which was established in 1951 as a memorial to Stalin.
  • Also, in the museum a guest can see many items connected to the leader.
  • Among them are: wooden hut in which Stalin was born and spent his 1st four years, his office furniture, gifts made to him, personal items, railway carriage etc.
  • In addition, as for the building itself it has stalinist gothic style.
  • Over night Tbilisi

Day 18 : Tbilisi

  • Wake up call
  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Firstly, visit lisi lake,nature sightseeing around Tbilisi.
  • Shoping in east point mull.
  • After that, visit the dry bridge: Art, Antique and Vintage Exhibition “Mshrali Khidi”: Dry bridge is a must see flea market in Tbilisi which is located in the old historical part of the city.
  • In addition, Mshrali Khidi is very close to Saarbrucken Square, Easily accessible from the main roads. 20-25 minutes away from Liberty square.
  • Finally, dinner ,over night Tbilisi.

Day 19  :  Tbilisi

Free Day for children ,including car and lunch

  • Dinner ,over night Tbilisi

Day 20 :

wake up,breakfast ,departure

NOTE : *lunch and dinner during all days,the price of Georgian tour package according the choice of our guests , the company take care of all transportation of the clients. 

This program”Georgian tour package” includes ;

*hotels reservation for their all stay.

*best category of hotels according to the available reservation , and places.

*all transportation ,during all the trip from meet and assest in the airport to the departure.

*guide join the group for all the trip.

*snaks during the day

** the hotels for this trip :

Tbilisi :  hotel 4**** (8 nights) 

Borjomi :  resort 4**** 

 hotel 4**** 

Kakheti region hotels :lopota resort 5*****

Batumi : hotel  4****

Martvilli : martvilli palace 3***

Kutaisi : tskltubo plaza 4****

All hotels include breakfast

In conclusion, any additional things required for the group will be available

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