Georgian Food / Delicious and varied
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Georgian Food / Delicious and varied


About Georgian Food :

Georgian food has a variety of dishes and calories in this food while maintaining that it is healthy food at the same time.

Why Georgian Food is unique :

What a nice surprise waiting for you!

Imagine a slightly heavy Eastern European cuisine, with … you know … goulash, or soft dishes and few vegetarian options.

Georgian cuisine is the opposite! It is subtle, full of flavors, herbs and spices, all cooked with fresh and seasonal products.

Ingredients and famous dishes :

In addition, The recurring ingredients during our stay in Georgia especially in summer,will include aubergines, walnuts, tomatoes, watermelons, plums and grapes.

Also, The dishes of adjapsandalis (ratatouille) or lobios (spicy bean soup) that you should try to taste it.

without forgetting the famous kinkhalis (ravioli stuffed with meat, mushrooms or potatoes).

Almost everywhere, bakers bake their delicious traditional Georgian bread at any time, even at any time of the day, which can be purchased hot and crunchy.

Georgian Wine :

Finally, Georgians are particularly proud to have invented wine 8000 years ago and have continued production since then.

Almost all families produce their own wine and you will have many opportunities to try it for an opinion.

Also, Some are surprising at the beginning, others are delicious from the beginning to the end of the glass (or the bottle if you are thirsty).

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