Bazaleti Lake Resort
Bazaleti Lake Resort

Bazaleti Lake Resort

Hotel description:

Bazaleti Lake Resort is situated at an elevation of 900 meters above sea level. Unique combination of mountain air and a lake’s water makes wonderful effect for visitors.

Also, the lake itself has a volcanic origin and is distinguished with medical properties-waters make self-cleaning and water-plants growing in the lake possess refreshing property. It is possible to rest here at any season of the year.


In addition, Bazaleti Lake hotel features 119 hotel rooms; among them are snadard single rooms, 1.5-roomed apartments and two roomed apartments. Besides, there are also high-class three-roomed apartments, which are arranged in cottages.

Also, here are all conditions for holidaymakers to rest, relax, take care of their health and feel comfortable at the same time.

Hotel services & facilities:

Also, room service, chaise longue, playing fields are provided in the hotel.


Three times meal is included in the price.

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